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We're firing up soon!

At The Studio, we're learning to love ourselves through art.

Somatic healing. Unmasked pleasure. Authentic artistry.

We offer pottery, paintings and poetry for art, advoacy and access. Join our community and be a part of the process of self-love, embodied pleasure, and authentic healing.

Photo of a golden floral ceramic bowl against a pink flower bush.  Photo by S. Jay Tomioka.

Pea Flower Tea


The Studio by Pea Flower Tea offers pottery collections created through authentic healing and embodied love. Each piece is made using Pea's unique somatic approach.

All pieces come with full documentation describing the somatic healing process which created the piece. This mindful approach is centered throughout the entire creation process, and pieces frequently foster further explorations into art, such as poetry or sketches. Any additional arts are always included with the pieces which inspired it. These are more than bowls and mugs- these are sacred pieces that represent authentic healing and unmasked pleasure.

Watercolor print of an orange and green dog on a golden background.

Pea Flower Tea


Pea's synesthesia paintings hep inspire custom pet portraits, etherial landscapes, and vibrant florals. All watercolors are printed on cold pressed watercolor paper and have a variety of size and framing choices.

Photo of a ceramic vulva on a green leaf.

Pea Flower Tea


The Studio is dedicated to learning to love ourselves through art. We frequently feature pottery, poetry and paintings celebrating healthy, inclusive sexuality in all of its forms.

Pea is a student of sexuality, currently earning certifications as a somatic sexologist with focus in supporting alternative relationships, queer love, neurodivergent sexual health, and sex across the spectrum of abilities.

As our space grows, we will begin offering everything from sensual clay exploration to embodied intimacy coaching.

Photo of a small blue ceramic vase and a sculptural sunflower vase.

Sacred Journies

Powerful Healing

At The Studio, we're learning to reconnect our minds and our bodies through somatic integration and personal empowerment. We celebrate all forms of love and welcome you into our inclusive safe space, filled with artistry, embodied love, and authentic joy.

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Photo of pink orchids hanging down.  By S. Jay Tomioka.

Everyone deserves

Art, Advocacy and Access

At The Studio, we believe that activism is an important part of our journey. Our collections frequently support Human Rights and progressive causes. We believe the resourcing our communities empowers us all.

To better support you, all pottery pieces are offered in three pricing tiers, Originally created by Reverend angel Kyodo wiliams, this structure makes it possible for more people to access our art and classes.

  • The Supported Tier is for those with limited financial access who would benefit from being supported by our community of artists with reduced cost.
  • The Fair Market Tier is for people who can afford to pay fair market value for our art and experiences.
  • The Rebalancing Tier is for people who wish to help provide access to others while helping rebalance systemic inequity in our community.