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Gilded Pollinators Cottagecore Mug

Gilded Pollinators Cottagecore Mug

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Strecth gently into your morning with the Gilded Pollinators Cottagecore Mug.  I hand painted this mug with a different imprinted floral designs around the whole pot, and added dragonflies and a butterfly.  The rich lace textures on the rim and the handle are brushed with actual gold, created in a luster fire process made from 22 karat gold.  

I hand painted each flower and each insect while in community at my local pottery studio, listening to a podcast and enjoying the way that the skylights soften the harsh Florida sunshine, flooding the entire space with rich, gentle light. 

It is my hope that when you drink from this mug, you find beautiful peace inside your body and mind.  May this mug bring you stillness.  Warmth.  Quiet scerets on a springtime breeze.  Mushroom rings and fairy blessings.  May this mug bring you to spaces of rich, luxurious softness.  You deserve softness. 

Due to the metal gold, this mug is not microwave safe.



Emotions processed with this piece:
Acceptance, gentleness, happiness, honoring, relaxation, safety

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