Somatic healing. Unmasked pleasure. Authentic artistry.

At The Studio by Pea Flower Tea, we are learning to love ourselves thorugh art.

In this disconnected world, we are fostering interconnection through transformative artistry. Our approach to creation is rooted in somatic healing, personal acceptance, and embodied love.


"Awakening" came as a means of trying to pull myself out of a deep depression and find art again. I spent three months unable to create, hand building roughhewn pots to trying and find purpose in myself again. I hand painted each of these pots and dipped them in a clear glaze, showcasing the bone-white pots instead of hiding them under a blanket of color. The flowers hid like snowdrops under a blanket of glaze, like a promise of spring peeking through.

I hope that these pieces help you remember that loving yourself is worth fighting for.

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