Our Promise

to being trauma-informed and inclusive

The Studio by Pea Flower Tea is part of a greater mission committed to ensuring you’re comfortable.

We are a part of a greater vision to help adult survivors of sexual violence reclaim their power and thrive after abuse.

The Pea Flower Tea Shop is a cornerstone of a larger mission.  Artist and founder, Pea Flower Tomioka, is building an inclusive art program where we collectively learn to love ourselves through emotional regulation and somatic application.  A childhood sexual violence survivor, much of the work The Studio produces is in direct action to further healing and processing to facilitate resiliency and joy. Pea is committed to raising the voices and stories of other marginalized creators to help raise awareness and foster beauty from trauma.  Find out more about this process and the other cornerstones below.

  • Graphite sketch in green of a woman.

    Pea Flower Tomioka

    Creator, Poet, Artist.

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    Lavender Lime Literary

    An online lit magazine that seeks to elevate marginalized voices through the unique expression of gender, sexuality, and identity.

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    The Seaside . Studio

    Storyteller and celebrated photographer S. Jay Tomioka is creating an exclusive photographic experience for people from all walks of life to connect with their personal stories through the lens of celebrating individuality.

  • Pea Flower Tea Shop

    Pottery, Poetry, and Painting for Art, Advocacy, and Access.


These themes are universal across our platforms.

While there is no place for r*pe culture in anything we choose to share, some pieces may still be triggering for people with traumatic pasts.  Content may include references to recovering from:

  • sexual violence
  • physical violence
  • incest
  • emotional abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • childhood abuse
  • traumatic responses and triggers
  • PTSD, including descriptions of flashbacks

We will never allow content that glorifies or furthers abuse in any way.  While some of these themes may be triggering for others, we will never post content that:

  • Sexualizes for fetishizes r*pe culture in any way
  • Victim blames
  • Glorifies any form of abuse in any way, such as:
  • Art that glorifies emotionally manipulative relationships.
  • Glorifies the sexualization of any specific group of people (i.e. Asian Fetish, BBW fetish, etc.).
  • Violates promises made on this page

On Trigger Warnings

In the instances in which art or poetry contains references to themes with blatant triggers, such as direct references to abuse, we will always ensure content that may be triggering to our readers comes with a trigger warning.

On Positive Erotica

  • Further, our commitment to inclusive, positive erotica means that you’ll find themes such as:
  • Healthy relationships of all kinds, including a full spectrum of LGBTQ+ relationships, in addition to heteronormative erotica.
  • Polyamory, monogamy, and self-affirming love.
  • People loving every version of themselves, regardless of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, sexual preference, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or body type.  The human condition is most beautiful as it naturally exists inside of us, and we strive to hold this beauty as a mirror for you to love yourself.