Collection: Pottery by Vibe

Shop pottery by emotion and find your vibe. 

Pottery by Vibe

Pottery by Vibe

Pottery pieces that tell our shared stories of connection and healing.

Every piece is created using Pea's approach to healing through artistry.

Shop pottery by emotion and find your vibe.

Shop by Vibe

The flower badge indicates pieces created during full trauma flashbacks as a means of embodying regulation, healing, and safety in the moment.

Embodied Artistry Preserved In Clay

The Studio by Pea Flower Tea offers elevated ceramic collections rooted in healing and advocacy, inviting you to become a part of a greater story.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece that draws you to collect within or want your purchase power to foster real change in the world, our pieces bring healing and help to survivors of sexual violence.  Our ceramics are crafted using my progressive arts program, which focuses on healthy sexuality through pottery, poetry, and painting, so every piece carries an incredible story and an invitation to promote social change.

These powerful pieces evolved from a unique therapeutic process.  Created to help reclaim our sexuality after abuse, these pieces represent the full emotional reclamation of self.  The works are divided into five emotional concepts: Joy, Passion, Fear, Anger, and Sadness.  Each area is designed to let us feel, accept, and move through each emotion with validity and authenticity.  The result is stunning ceramics, emotional growth, and a beautiful reminder that all of our emotions are a valid, healthy part of who we are as individuals.

Shopping Pottery by Emotion

Emotional filters are available for your to find the right piece for your peace.

There are ceramics rooted in connection.

Pea offers pieces born through authentic healing.  Every piece she creates is rooted in deliberate acts of self-love, mindful creation, and genuine connection through her personal. therapeutic approach. 

Each process is documented so that every piece tells a unique story, allowing you to connect to the ceramics, and yourself, on a deeper level.  Further, because all sales help support survivors at the local level, you can shop with confidence knowing that your purchase power has direct impact for positive change.

Pea believes that art and healing should be accessible to everyone, regardless of means.  That’s why all of her ceramics are available to purchase on a sliding scale.  This scale lets you choose to pay into our community fund, providing direct artistic access to people thriving after abuse.

Featured Colleciton



This mini collection of functional ceramic objects represents coming up for air and sunlight after one of the deepest depressions I've experienced in a long time.  Handpainted flowers adorn every pot in a simple, clear glaze over a beautiful, bone-white clay body.  I wanted to create something with body and innocence, and I hope that the rough-hewn, gentle angles of the handbuilt pieces reflect the steadiness I sought as I worked through my shadows and pain.  


Photo of a golden floral ceramic bowl against a pink flower bush.  Photo by S. Jay Tomioka.



"My method is ritualistic by design. Knowing myself and honoring each of my emotions allows me to be fully present during every act of creation."

~ Pea Flower Tomioka

Photo of a small sculptural ceramic mushroom with a clay rose on top.



Pea Creates Small Batch Collections Using Her Exclusive Therapeutic Clay Process to Provides Ceramics Elevated From the Functional to the Sacred.

Photo of a small blue ceramic vase and a sculptural sunflower vase.



Of the Journey Matters. Shown Here, We See the First Pot Pea Ever Made Next to a More Recent Example of her Work.