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Embracing imperfections through love and acceptance. 

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The flower badge in the upper left corner indicates pieces created during full trauma flashbacks as a means of embodying regulation, healing, and safety in the moment.

Bumpy Limes are ceramic pieces that came to be imperfect through accident, purpose, or fate.

I don't like to destroy pieces that didn't go as planned because that's life.  Things don't always go as planned.  Bumpy Limes help remind us that perfection is overrated, and the stories that shape us are the parts of life that make us human.  

"Given the choice between trashing a pot and rescuing a lime?  I will always choose the lime.  Always."  ~Pea

Tumblr blurb

What are Bumpy Limes?

The Bumpy Lime Collection is based on this fantastic meme from Tumblr, started by user @voidspacer.  In the thread about how people will bond with anything, user @a-dull-glow shares that they once saw a bumpy lime at a grocery store and their partner returned to the store to get the lime so that it would not be unloved.  You can view the meme here.

But here's the thing- that lime was probably a Kaffir Lime.  Kaffir Limes are naturally bumpy.  They exist naturally this way in the world- no accidents, no mutations, no abnormalities.  They're authentically bumpy and beautiful, just as they are.  

I hope you enjoy the bumpy limes everywhere you find them.  I know I do, and that's why they have a special place in my pottery shop.

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This mini collection of functional ceramic objects represents coming up for air and sunlight after one of the deepest depressions I've experienced in a long time.  Handpainted flowers adorn every pot in a simple, clear glaze over a beautiful, bone-white clay body.  I wanted to create something with body and innocence, and I hope that the rough-hewn, gentle angles of the handbuilt pieces reflect the steadiness I sought as I worked through my shadows and pain.