Watercolor paintings of your beloved pets as seen through the lens of Pea's synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition which blends two or more of our senses in unique ways.  One representation is seeing more colors than one typically might see.  Pea's pet portraits reflect this phenomena by painting the color auras Pea sees in your pets.


Synesthesia Pet Portraits

Synesthesia Pet Portraits are personalized to your pet. Please fill out the form below to begin your custom portrait today!

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To begin the process of ordering your Synesthesia Pet Portrait, please fill out the form below with your hame and contact email. Please include the following two pieces of information in the comment section:

  • Pet type (dog, cat, lizard...)
  • Pet's name

Synesthesia Pet Portrait Order Request Form

What's next?

Pea will reach out to request photos of your pet. Please have no more than 3 images ready. The images should be clear, and as high a resolution as possible.

Pricing begins at $60.00 for one pet. Additional pets in the same portrait will be another $40.00. Pea will send you a quote based on your images and the work involved. Most portraits for a single pet stay between $60 and $70 dollars.

The turnaround from ordering to delivery is usually less than a week. If you need a rush order, please say so in the comments below. Rush orders are available for an added fee.

Your portrait will be delivered to your email as a high res file suitible for web use and light printing. High quality prints are available to purchase directly from Pea. Please see the pricing sheet for these specialty prints below the contact form.

Once a portrait has been ordered, cancelations are not possible. This is because Pea often begins working on portraits the same day they're ordered.


Watercolor print of a green dog.

What is synesthesia?

Put simply, the Cleveland Clinic describes synesthesia as "when your brain routes sensory information through multiple unrelated senses, causing you to experience more than one sense simultaneously". Examples include tasting sound, seeing colors to music, or experiencing textures with numbers.

Pea applies her watercolor technique in combination with her synesthesia to capture the unique way she sees the world.

What's included?

Listing prices are for a digital high res file of your portrait. Prints are available upon request for an added fee.

How do I order?

Ordering your pet portrait is simple. Just follow the directions below in the Synesthesia Pet Portrait Order Request Form to begin the process. Once ready, Pea will recreate your pet as faithfully as possible based on the pictures you provide. If more images are needed, Pea will reach out to you directly.

Can I order prints?

Yes! Prints are available in a number of sizes, and can be framed or unframed. All prints are made on archival quality cold-pressed watercolor paper.

What's with the starry eyes?

Pea draw's galaxies in the eyes in honor of Star Dawg, a cannabis strain that unexpectedly heightened my colorful synesthetic experience.

Can you paint my...

Spider? Bird? Leopard Gecko? Absolutely yes. Dogs and cats are a common request, but I've painted chickens, parrots, tarantulas, snakes, and more.

Do you offer memorial portraits?

Many of the portraits I've painted are memorial portraits. I would be honored to paint your friend no matter which side of the Rainbow Bridge they live on. 🌈

Watercolor print of an orange and green dog on a golden background.
Watercolor print of a purple tortoise wearing a gold crown.
Watercolor print of a purple and teal dog.
Watercolor print of an orange dog on a blue background.

Archival Prints

All prints are created on the highest quality cold-pressed watercolor paper and can come framed or as a print only.

Watercolor print of a pink and white dog on a green background.



Stella is the ultimate princess. Painting her was a true pleasure, and I can just imagine her golden tail thump-thumping away, even in her sleep.

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Watercolor print of a purple and teal dog.



Bosco may be a black lab, but those colors popped through his fur so beautifully. It was a real pleasure to paint him!

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Watercolor print of two cats.



Choose up to three pets to include in your portrait, or showcase one pet at a time.

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Watercolor print of a purple tortoise wearing a gold crown.


The Tortoise

Lions and tigers and bears, oh, my! No animal is off limits, and exotics are always welcomed.

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