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Pea's vibrant paintings are rooted in personal expression.  Whether you're looking for her unique synesthesia pet portraits or a memorial piece for a loved one, you'll find options for everyone in this category.  Choose from a selection of watercolor prints by Pea.  Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.  All prints are printed on archival-quality cold-pressed watercolor paper.

Watercolor painting of a vibrant sunflower growing from a cracked human skull.  A Russian military insignia is rusting in the weeds to the left of the skull.

Pea Flower Tea Paintings

Vivid imagery inspired by neurodivergence

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Watercolor print of an octopus.


Experience the Unrivaled Beauty of Pea's Watercolors, Transcending the Boundaries of Color Theory and Application.

Watercolor print of a wheel of the year as a wagon wheel.  Seasonal flowers surround the wheel labeled in the sections of the pagan celebrations.

Spiritually Rooted

Discover a World of Beauty and Expression through Art-inspired Designs.

Watercolor print of a human skull with a sunflower growing through it.  A Russian military insignia pin is to the left of the skull in the weeds.

Humanitarian Outreach

Collections Frequently Raise Money for Humanitarian and Progressive Causes.

Watercolor print of a nude woman lying on her back.  Her hair is fanned out and a pink rose is covering her vulva.

Uplifting Healthy Sexuality

Prints That Showcase the Beautiful Spectrum of Human Sexuality.