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Wheel of the Year Print

Wheel of the Year Print

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This floral Wheel of the Year represents all of the Pagan holidays with their seasonal floral bouquets.  This painting was created over a year, with each new turn of the wheel added during each celebration and posted to social media each Equinox or Solstice until the year's turning was completed.  

I had such a wonderful time with this project.  It helped me stay connected to the world, to the concept of the passage of time, to the things we carry forward with us intentionally, and to the artist aspects of the self.



All watercolor paintings are printed on cold-pressed watercolor paper.  Prints are available in a variety of sizes and framing options.


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Photo of a watercolor art print of a horse skull on a sheet with colorful winter florals and ribbons on a white wall.  There are green plants framing the print.
Photo of an art print rolling into a storage tube.
Watercolor art print of a horse skull on a sheet with winter flowers and ribbons.

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