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Adding a donation to your purchase helps us keep The Studio available to anyone who needs it. 

We operate as an inclusive, safe space for our community to come and explore their emotions through art.  We specialize in supporting the LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent, of which we are also members, but all people who need a space to combat burnout, feel safe, and find support are welcome here.

Five:  A $5 donation helps provide wheel pottery supplies like sponges and trimming tools for our guests to explore their creativity with.

Ten:  A $10 donation helps provide canvases, paints, and clay in our outdoor studio space.

Twenty: A $20 donation helps cover the costs of a guest visiting and exploring our studio, where they can leave the world behind and focus on themselves guilt-free.

Fifty:  A $50 donation helps cover the cost of our therapeutic wheel pottery classes, where people can safely explore their emotions in a safe, shame-free space.

One Hundred: A $100 donation helps us provide repeat classes to those in need, provides new supplies for our guests to explore, and ensures we can continue to be a safe space in our community.

What's the Solarpunk Community Fund?
That's the name we gave to our donation funds because of the man who inspired it.  Joe Hiens is a co-creator of Solarpunk Life, a channel that helps promote sustainability.  When we were just starting out, Joe purchased some pottery pieces as gifts and elected to donate extra money to ensure that others could access art, too.  We loved the idea so much that we decided to name the donation program in his honor.  ❤️


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