Photo of a pink orchid hanging down.  Photo by S. Jay Tomioka.

THE STUDIO by Pea Flower Tea

is an outdoor space on our family home on Singer Island, Florida. Here we offer creative classes and access to poetry, pottery, painting, photography, and more.

Photography by S. Jay Tomioka

Who we are:

Watercolor print of a woman holding her hair piled up on her head and standing against a yellow background.

Pea Flower Tomioka

Pea is building a somatic therapeutic arts program to help people learn to love themselves through art. A student of sexuality, Pea's poetry, paintings and pottery frequently uplift the diverse beauty of healthy sexuality. She believes that art connects us to the beauty of creation, and inspires limited edition pottery collections using her inclusive and embodied approach.

Pea is a certified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner with additional certifications in Positive Psychology and Transformative Personal Development. She is currently studying for her licensure as a Somatic Sexologist.

Colored pencil sketch of a man with long dark hair and a beard sitting in the sand on a moonlit beach.

S. Jay Tomioka

Born into a multicultural family of peace activists, Jay has been traveling the world ever since.  A storyteller through photography, his series on the Japanese Creation Myth has been shown in galleries around the world.

Jay's approach to photography is rooted in authenticity and love. His goal is to showcase the beauty of the human condition, raising up self-love and personal healing.

Jay holds a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Printmaking and Photography from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He did his post-graduate work in Tokyo, Japan.

What we do:

We're an art studio focused on learning to love ourselves through art.

The Studio by Pea Flower Tea 

The Studio focuses on creating artisanal pieces rooted in healing, Our pieces tell shared stories of connection and personal growth. We invite to continue the stories that shape who we are in each moment, fostering personal growth and positive changes with real-world impact.


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