We support human rights.

The Studio frequently releases art collections to raise money for progressive human rights campaigns including Planned Parenthood, BLM groups, LGBTQIA+ groups, and more.

We believe that:

  • Love is love.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • No human is illegal.
  • Science is real.
  • Reproductive rights are human rights.
  • Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Trans people are people.
  • Biological sex is not binary.
  • Gender is an infinite construct.
  • Neurodiversity is beautiful.
  • Support needs aren't "special". They are also not negotiable.
  • Art is for everyone.

Individual healing leads to community healing.

We are all connected through the human existence, but western culture (and especially American culture) showcases the individual to the detriment of community. The nature of our society disconnects us from one another and from ourselves. We believe that reconnecting our emotional existence with our bodies teaches us how to process and heal. We believe that reconnecting our internal systems naturally leads to reconnecting our external systems, too.

The current models for sexual health are limiting and exclusionary.

We believe the current models for sexual health are exclusionary to a wide range of marginalized voices. All too often, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent people fail to find the sexual health support they so richly deserve due to inequity in our systems. At The Studio, we seek to change the conversation about healthy sexuality through poetry, artistry, and inclusive erotica. 

Everyone deserves art.

We believe in an inclusive model to express the human condition through authentic artistry. We aim to help people learn to unmask their ideas around pleasure and healthy sexuality. We believe that somatic healing and art are intrinsically linked to both individual and community connection. By providing a safe, inclusive space to explore the aspects of self and society which oppress or disconnect us from collective joy, we make a conscious choice to rebuild healthy connections within ourselves and our communities.

A letter from Pea Flower Tomioka

Trigger Warning: Mention of childhood sexual assault and lifelong emotional abuse.

December 28, 2023

To my friend, reading this letter,

I am an abuse survivor.  I endured over a decade of childhood sexual assault, as well as a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse. Coming out from that level of abuse
was nearly impossible, and it showed me how desperately a program like the one I'm building was needed.  I’m starting to build it in real time, with full transparency via a blog/social media, and I’m still navigating what that framework will look like. 

I recognize that I still have a long way to go in both my schooling and my healing before I am qualified to offer the kinds of therapeutic classes and courses, I’m building in my healing journey.  This is literally a case of “heal thyself”, and it often feels so large that I get swallowed in the shadow of what I am trying to accomplish.  So, I’m starting small, with the ceramics.

My pottery is a cornerstone in a larger therapeutic arts approach focused on healing, personal exploration, and healthy sexuality.  The therapeutic program is being built from the ground up and I am currently in school building it. Pottery sales are at the foundation level of building something much larger, and I’m baking the meaningful interactions directly into the core, as influenced by my healing journey in real time.  I use the meditative process of throwing clay on a pottery wheel to process emotions in real time.  Sometimes that means something joyful.  Sometimes that means my husband is helping me to the pottery wheel while I’m screaming in a full body horror of a flashback, shaking violently and sobbing into the clay.  I center the clay, and the clay centers me.  It’s a deeply powerful process, and every step of creation is rooted here, at this intensity of purpose and healing. 

Each piece is documented, telling these stories.  Some stories are joyful.  Others are filled with sorrow.  There’s a full spectrum of authentic emotions given over to the clay, and each piece is entirely unique.  It’s important to me that my customers understand the depths to which my ceramics are built from. 

I am doing this because I needed to find ways to heal that were not being supported by modern medical systems.  I am a queer, disabled, autistic, non-binary person, and the cross sections of marginalized spaces means that what modern medical supports are available to me (already limited) had too many cracks for me to fall into.  I am building this program because I needed this program to heal, and if I needed it, then someone else needs it, too.  It’s everything to me.  My hope is that I can help reach people who need a program like this, and getting the access to that healing into as many hands as possible is my lifelong goal.  I'm still learning how to fold in each cornerstone (pottery, poetry, painting, photography) as I continue my schooling, continue my healing, and keep reaching back to pull everyone else up with me.  I'm not entirely sure what the journey will bring.  I only know we’re going up.

Come up with me.

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