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Mari Lywd Print

Mari Lywd Print

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This festive print brings the Welsh Christmas traditions of rap battling your neighbors for fun and frolic with the skull of a horse.  It sounds less creepy if you're Welsh.  

I panted this portrait of Mari Lywd after discovering my Welsh ancestry as a means of connecting to the traditions I was removed from.  It is my hope that this print brightens your day and inspires you to explore your own unique past.



All watercolor paintings are printed on cold-pressed watercolor paper.  Prints are available in a variety of sizes and framing options.



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Photo of a watercolor art print of a horse skull on a sheet with colorful winter florals and ribbons on a white wall.  There are green plants framing the print.
Photo of an art print rolling into a storage tube.
Watercolor art print of a horse skull on a sheet with winter flowers and ribbons.

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