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Floral Garden Cottagecore Mug

Floral Garden Cottagecore Mug

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Welcome the Floral Garden Cottagecore Mug!  I hand painted this mug with a different imprinted floral design around the whole pot.  The vivid green details against the watercolor blue sky bring an air of summertime cupped into the palms of your hands.  Perfect for your favorite iced tea!

This mug is filled with charm and sass.  Affecitonately called Inmate 040724 due to an accident that left a permanent stamp on the bottom of the pot, this mug embodies mischief, cleverness, and all of those tricksy fae vibes you could ever hope for.   

This mug is a part of the Bumpy Lime collection, which helps us learn to embrace our imperfections and celebrate bodies of all abilities.  There is a permanent inventory stamp from my local kiln studio on the bottom of this mug.  All pots fired at the studio are stamped this way when fired to bisque, and typically burn off in the glaze fire.  This pot accidentally got stapmed with a permanent glaze pad that did not disappear.  Also, one of the feet fell off of this mug during firing.  It was repaired with epoxy by the kiln master at the studio.  Due to stress on the repaired foot this mug is not microwave safe.

It is my hope that when you drink from this mug, you find puckish ways to resist in your daily lives.  This mug is a lawn in riot, refusing to be cut and attracting all of the neighborhood bees.  This mug is the perfect balance of malicious compliance.  This mug is a daily reminder that the choices we make do not always have to be perfect- but they always should be authentic.  



Emotions processed with this piece:
Authenticity, excitement, happiness, sass, whimsy 

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