Photo of a pink orchid hanging down.  Photo by S. Jay Tomioka.

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Donations help us continue to provide access to art. You can best support us in several ways!

We're an art studio focused on learning to love ourselves through art.

Support and artistic access for those in need.

Your donation helps us continue to provide artistic access in our local community. At The Studio, all are welcome to explore their creativity regardless of means. Your donations help us provide our space and our supplies to those in need.

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    • Original prints and paintings
    • Poetry and publications
    • Trauma-informed ceramics
    • Positive erotica
    • Stickers and patches
    • Gallery showings
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    • Progressive ideas
    • Sex-positive ideas
    • LGBTQIA issues
    • BLM issues
    • Feminist ideology and advocacy
    • Pro-sex work advocacy
    • Disability advocacy
    • Mental health advocacy
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    • Inclusivity
    • Safe space
    • Neurodivergent access for all ND folx (ADHD, Autism, Tourettes, etc.)
    • Trauma healing
    • Mental health support