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Blue Aventurine Crystal Vulva Bowl

Blue Aventurine Crystal Vulva Bowl

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This gorgeous vulva bowl is glazed with a lovely blue-green and features sculptural decorative crystals in a bed of moss encircling a sacred spiral.  The crystals are painted to evoke blue aventurine.  One of my larger bowls, this sacred piece embodies the power of self-love and personal exploration.  

This bowl was shaped by gravity, and you can witness the throwing of this specific bowl online.  It's the first throwing video I ever posted, and I'm absolutely chuffed with how it came out!

Check out the video of me throwing this bowl!

On Vulva Bowls
The sacred shaping of my vulva bowls is a delicate process rooted in ritual and intention.  Each bowl, much like each vulva, is unique in shape and size.  No two are identical.  I invite you to celebrate the feminine divine within yourself regardless of your gender, as such sacred magics are for all identities and all bodies.  You are deserving of living your joy.  



Emotions processed with this piece:
Happiness, joy, love

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Embodied artistry preserved in clay.

Photo of a small blue ceramic vase and a sculptural sunflower vase.
Photo of a golden floral ceramic bowl against a pink flower bush.  Photo by S. Jay Tomioka.
Photo of a small sculptural ceramic mushroom with a clay rose on top.

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Every pottery piece that Pea creates is made using her unique approach to healing and recovery. In addition to being able to shop by product type, you can also shop all ceramics by their emotional process.

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