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Handmade Pinch Pot with Vermilion Blossoms

Handmade Pinch Pot with Vermilion Blossoms

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This handcrafted pinch pot featuring red, orange, and pink blossoms is the perfect piece to help bring softness and peace into your life.  This pot was pinched by hand and painted in delicate florals while listening to Wil Wheaton narrate his book, "Still Just a Geek", at my local kiln studio.  It is filled with quiet peace, gentle laughter, and hope for a future where softness and rest are prioritized.  

The pot was painted while focusing on giving myself permission to take up space and focus on my art.  I struggle to allow myself time and space to do things that I enjoy, battling a conditioned response that I am not worthy of joy if have not earned it through suffering.  For the few hours I painted the pots in this collection, I successfully reclaimed the joy I deserved and did not feel guilty for taking an afternoon to love myself authentically.  Everyone deserves a life that that promotes rest and rejuvenation, and this piece was forged in deep personal contentment and in defiance to hustle culture.

It is my hope that this pot inspires you to prioritize protecting your peace through rest and rejuvenation in whatever way your body enjoys.  It is my hope that this pot will help remind you that you deserve peace.



Emotions Processed:  I cycled through the initial shame by allowing myself to breathe into a space in my belly until it felt full.  I repeatedly told my nervous system that I would not be punished for spending a few hours in the studio to create art.  I reminded my body that I appreciated how it rose to try and keep me safe, but that we were already safe, and those aspects are not serving us any longer.  I reminded myself that art is a vital part of my journey, as it heals me, centers me, and uplifts my spirit.  I painted knowing that I was worthy of love.  I painted knowing that I deserved peace.  

Joy, Safety, Gentleness, Trust, Forgiveness, Acceptance


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Embodied artistry preserved in clay.




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