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Sculptural Vulva Bowl in Blues and Greens

Sculptural Vulva Bowl in Blues and Greens

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This vulva bowl was thrown to protest the repeal of Roe v. Wade. It's one of my more sculptural pieces, leaning into the truth that all vulvas are beautiful.  The blue and green glaze combination enhances the vivid folds and ripples around the rim of this delicate design. 

This bowl embodies the sensuality of lust. This piece helped me process my rage at the loss of human rights by transforming it into actionable steps we can collectively take to end the violence against us and fight back to regain our power of choice.  It is my hope that when you see this bowl, you feel empowered to explore all of your edges in whatever ways feel pleasurable to you.  

On Vulva Bowls
The sacred shaping of my vulva bowls is a delicate process rooted in ritual and intention.  Each bowl, much like each vulva, is unique in shape and size.  No two are identical.  I invite you to celebrate the feminine divine within yourself regardless of your gender, as such sacred magics are for all identities and all bodies.  You are deserving of living your joy.  



Emotions processed with this piece:
Authenticity, empowerment, liberation, lust, passion

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