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Thistle Vulva Bowl

Thistle Vulva Bowl

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This speckled bowl was thrown to protest the repeal of Roe v. Wade. It is hand-painted with Thistle flowers, which were historically used to end pregnancies. This bowl is part of my Silent Blooms collection, which features a variety of historical flora. 

This bowl embodies the power of protest. This piece helped me process my rage by transforming it into actionable steps we can collectively take to end the violence against us and fight back to regain our reproductive rights.  When I threw this bowl on my pottery wheel, I focused my anger and fear at the repeal of our human rights and worked to transform that frustration into something actionable.  When I was painting this bowl, I embraced small comforts and joys, curling up on my couch with my dog asleep on my lap.  

It is my hope that when you hold this bowl, you feel empowered to change your world for the better.  May it bring you the power and the peace you deserve.

On Vulva Bowls
The sacred shaping of my vulva bowls is a delicate process rooted in ritual and intention.  Each bowl, much like each vulva, is unique in shape and size.  No two are identical.  I invite you to celebrate the feminine divine within yourself regardless of your gender, as such sacred magics are for all identities and all bodies.  You are deserving of living your joy.  

On the Silent Blooms Collection
All of the Silent Blooms pottery pieces raise money for Planned Parenthood to support the fight for our reproductive rights.  All bodies are worthy of healthcare, and everyone deserves the right to choose what's best for their bodies and their lives.  



Emotions processed with this piece:
Anger, empowerment, fear, hope, liberation, rage



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The Silent Bloom Collection

Photo of a large speckled ceramic bowl painted with pink and yellow tulips.  The bowl is held in the artist's hand and set against a bush with pink flowers.

Silent Blooms

Reproductive rights are human rights.

Silent Blooms are pottery pieces painted with flora historically used to end pregnancies. To protect us from having to return to unsafe methods of ending pregnancies, all Silent Bloom sales benefit Planned Parenthood and the fight for reproductive safety.

"All too often, the voices of people harmed most by anti-abortion laws are silenced. These pottery pieces are some of the most important to me, and painting each is an act of defiance to those who seek to keep us quiet. I believe that reproductive rights are human rights, and the fight for reproductive safety is vital for everyone." ~ Pea Flower Tomioka

Photo of Hillary Clinton

"You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion."

~ Hillary Clinton

Photo by Chuck Close, New York Times Magazine, 1999

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